From: Filmaffinity To: IMDB


I have been using filmaffinity website for a long time. But now its server seems to have some issues; It is not so fast as it used to be and the search engine is not very efficient.

Some time ago I noticed that it is possible to download all your information from facebook. It made me think it would be very useful to have the same option available in filmaffinity.

As it is not implemented on the website (or I haven’t found it), instead of requesting this functionality to filmaffinity staff I decided to code it myself. With these application your are able to download user personal movie list and make a backup on local disk.

These lines are my first Python code lines. Previously I coded in assembly, C and VisualBasic but never in Python.
Python is surprising. It was very easy to learn the basics and it is such a good experience when the code just flows and the ideas work.  In fact the code flows so fast that I obtained my list too easy. So I decided to move my votes from filmaffinity to IMDB using the same script (in my case ~3500 movie).

You can find the code here:

The structure of the local CSV with all the information is as follow:
FA movie title | FA movie year | FA movie director | Vote | FA movie code | IMDB movie title | IMDB  movie year | IMDB movie code

  • As you can see there are movies not found in IMDB. In my particular case there are 23 movie out of 3489. It represent the 0.6%, which for the first version it is not bad.
  • The IMDB titles have codification errors. I will try to fix it. But FA title its fine. Solved.

In the case you just want to save all the movie list from filmaffinity: the script will ask you to dumb all the filmaffinity information and save it to a csv file.
Then the program will ask you to vote all these movies to IMDB. I’ve separated these options just to make it more versatile.

How to use it:

  1. Install Python. (I have used Python 2.7)
  2. Open a terminal or cmd and go to downloaded .py file folder
  3. type: python

Here you can find a demonstration video of how to run it:

The python script should work on all platforms, windows, linux and mac.
If you want to reuse this code feel free to do it but please inform me.

printf(“Hello World\n”);

Hasta hoy siempre me he nutrido de la casi infinita información que he podido encontrar en la red de una forma bastante leecher.
Pero ahora me apetece compartir mis pequeños entretenimientos.

Espero que algún día esto lo indexe google y le pueda servir de ayuda a alguien.