oneTesla: a DIY Singing Tesla Coil

OneTesla is a singing dual resonant solid state Tesla coil (DRSSTC) project and I’m happy of being one of the almost 1000 backers who pledged for one at kickstarter.

The coil is sent disassembled, but in a few hours you can solder all the components and have it working. The design is great for beginners, as all components are DIP and easily identified. OneTesla also provide great information about Tesla coils, different types, how they work and how oneTesla has been designed. All the boards include a manual/tutorial with a great troubleshooting and oscilloscope screenshots of the different components.

The coil is drive through a fiber optic to isolate it. And you can play midi files from a sd card using an arduino based board.

The final result is awesome!

(Videos are with coil at 30% of power)


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